Friday, September 18, 2015

It's been awhile...

We continue to do tCds treatments at home every day for 30 minutes.  We go into the office every 14 days or so to have a mapping and see if the electrodes need to be adjusted or moved to another location.  My son continues to improve leaps and bounds so we continue to follow the red dot.  The red dot is the hot spot that shows up on mapping or Qeeg.

His seizure activity has decreased dramatically and we are no longer on lock down and declining invitations during his "monthly" bad time.  He is learning in leaps and bounds and taking tennis lessons, climbing trees and riding his bide.  He did a little of these things before but he has gotten so much better with his balance and coordination.  He occasionally has Valium as needed but at such a lose dose and he can tell me sometimes when he is "twitching" and would like some.

We have had a few appointments with a local holistic doctor that has run a lot of blood work that would not ordinarily be drawn by mainstream physicians.  We had his titers form his past immunizations tested, ammonia, lyme and some other ones I never heard of.  We learned that his Vit D and iron are very low so he is receiving these supplements.

He still drools prior to his electrical activity picking up so I get a little notice to start watching things. He is not on any daily medications to suppress this and it has been a very reliable indicator.