Tuesday, June 9, 2015

tCDS treatment #4

Okay we have had 5 sessions where my son gets gooped up and two electrode packs are placed in specific locations on his head and then he wears a ski cap type of thing to hold them in place for 30 minutes.  He can sleep, watch tv or play his tablet whatever he wants to do.   The therapist had tried it  before and explained that there is a little tingling which might be irritating in the beginning but you then get used to it.  My son tries to itch a little but once he gets wrapped up in a show or video game it doesn't seem to bother him.  My doc greeted me yesterday very excited about a small study that was just published that week on this treatment to the same locations they are treating my son with wonderful results.

He was initially suppose to have six treatments of the tCDS followed by NFB but in light of this new study they want me to report each time how we are doing, if he continues to do wonderful like he is this week they will continue with tCDS and do another brain mapping after ten sessions!

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