Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brain mapping results after 10 sessions

Things have been very challenging over here.   There is no longer any predictability as to what the day or night will be like.  We have had to use the low dose valium a little more often than usual for the nights :-(   The NFB definitely did something however I am sad to report that there were no significant changes in the Qeeg compared to when we started.  Dr. Bill has consulted again with Dr. Tatum at the Mayo clinic and as many readers know idiopathic (or unknown origin) baffles the medical community.  If they can crack this code so many thousands of cases will be helped.   During their consultation both doctors agreed that if you just look at the eeg and not my son's history or presentation; the eeg looks like brain injury (as if in a motor vehicle accident).  My son suffered no physical brain injury but the treatment for that is something called tCDS or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.

My son will receive 6 tCDS treatments to disperse the energy in a specific area of the brain in order to quiet it down and then follow with 4 NFB to retrain.  We will have another mapping after that and pray for positive results.  We can stop at any time and I appreciate all the professional favors that are being called in on our behalf.  I hope someone out there in cyber space finds this information educational and beneficial.  My message all along has been to never lose hope and never feel helpless.


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