Friday, June 26, 2015

Brain mapping after tCDS done

We have been having a great experience.  My son lost the ability somewhere along the journey to throw a ball.  It might not seem like a big deal to some but it was heartbreaking to have a catch with him because when he would release the ball; he had no control.  Sometimes it was released behind his head with the windup, other times mid just never knew where the ball was going to go.  Last week we attempted to have a catch again and you know what...he threw the ball totally normal and hitting his mark.

Trying to teach him his schoolwork has been very exhaustive and a constant feeling for me of failure.  Last week; out of the blue...he started "getting things", as a mom I just knew something was happening.

He did not miss out on any of life these past few weeks!  The nighttime seizures slowly reemerged but he was 100% during the day and the two above mentioned milestones were still present!

Two nights ago, we had many overnight seizures an no sleep.  So when my son was awake for the next day; he was twitchy, non-verbal, and pacing without a clue as to what was going on around him.

This is the day I had my consultation for the brain mapping QEEG results!

I am being told that my son's results are AMAZING that he went from a spike of 5.5 standard deviation in frontal lobe to a 2.0 deviation (which is in the high normal range).  All of the hot spots which show up as red were gone.  The first one we had done looked like a toddler got a hold of a red crayon and went crazy :-(

As I was listening to all of this it was a little hard to get very excited given what my eyes were witnessing in front of me with my son pacing beside me.  I told my husband the results and we both smiled wearily at each other and tried to get my son to go to that the family could reset and start anew.  My son eventually went to sleep with a little medicine and woke up the next morning, talking, laughing and learning!  Was this really over?????  We are usually in a yucky phase of varying degrees for 7-10 days!

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