Monday, May 18, 2015

NFB #8

Between #6-#8, my son had a unexpected less than ideal day as I mentioned  and the next day was wonderful.  A pool play date and almost completely recovered....that has never happened over night!  It is usually a gradual daily improvement.  Then today started off less than ideal with overnight activity but besides being a little sleepy he is out swimming as I speak.

I explained what had happened to the therapist today and she reiterated that this was all a good sign that the brain is trying to find a new "normal" and that it is going to be a little crazy the next couple of weeks.  She advised I find a way (meditation, yoga, whatever) to find a way to be at peace and trust the process and not get anxious because my son will pick up on it.  

I told the family to prepare for some very unpredictable days ahead...we are up for the challenge!

I also asked my therapist to try and explain a little more about what happens during the game and this is what she said.  "When client watches the screen and produces desired brainwave activity the game moves forward and the music plays-brain gets rewarded (increase dopamine). When the brain is not producing desired brainwave activity game and music stop indicating to brain a lack of reward.  Brain is reward driven and can be taught to produce desired brain activity through this process."

We will have brain mapping at session #10...stay tuned!

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