Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our first Neurofeedback session.

All the brain mapping is done and everyone thinks my son is a good candidate for neurofeedback (NFB).  I am really at a loss to try to describe what it even is so I am going to recommend this 8 1/2 minute video to explain what it is.
what is neurofeedback (NFB)

I was told that many people are very exhausted after the first few sessions because of all the mental work involved.  I imagined actively and purposefully trying to move avatar's in a video game but have learned after this session that it is all passive.  You don't try to think and get something to move, as I thought but instead you sit there connected to an EEG with the wires on your head and just stare at the video game!  I can not explain how that works or helps and I hope the video can a little.  It is all happening on a sub conscious level, you see the reward spikes for when the brain does what the individually programmed game wants it to do.  The positive reinforcement is the release of dopamine (aka the happy feeling).  Here is a short 2 min video explaining this...Dopamine in the brain

This a video of a neurologist talking about NFB.  It is the doctor talking to medical students so a little more technical but very interesting.  neurologist that has 90% success rate with NFB. I was in tears after watching this for the first time....please help me spread the word and help so many people.

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