Thursday, April 9, 2015

Funny how things happen...

The Orlando neurologist was amazing.  I met with his team for 60  minutes and was questioned by all of them.  His whole team relocated with him from!  I left feeling very optimistic that this was a doctor that loved puzzles and that he was going to solve this.  He wants us to be admitted for 3 days for a SPECT, another MRI and video EEG.  I was very surprised by this...just one week ago we switched our health insurance (by choice) for lower monthly payments.  My husband has excellent benefits for himself but we have been paying high premiums for the family, so after months of research we found a great provider with a little higher deductible.

When I got home and Dr. Lee's staff called me to schedule they informed me that they were out of network and that I had a $12,000 individual deductible.  Anyone in the United States knows that would easily be reached if we were inpatient for the above tests.  Now if this was for a promising treatment, we would find the money but this was just for more tests!!!!  We made a difficult decision to hold off and research a new insurance policy and see what happens.

We still receive our Unani medicine from my good doctor but have progressed any further.  I am so grateful for his continuous support and optimism that everything will work out.  What an amazing experience to experience his culture.

I continued my extensive research on neurofeedback and this is what was meant to be!  I highly recommend reading the book...A Symphony in the brain by Jim Robbins.  I love the title instead of and "electrical storm" which I have read and been told too many times!!!  This book is all about the history of neurofeedback and are you ready for was first developed and studied on seizures!!!It never received government funding so the research didn't happen and it has been quietly in the background.  I bet if the pharmaceutical companies could make money on; you would have heard about it!

Symphony in the brain

After reading this book, I contacted over 30 providers of the different types of neurofeedback and told them my story.  I was overwhelmed at the responses from all of these providers and how they were trying to help provider offered to come out of new retirement if I couldn't find someone!  After weeks of corresponding with many people I chose someone that fit...and this is where the new story will begin.

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