Saturday, November 15, 2014

the root what

I got my whole plant, but what do I do with this root.  There are no directions just this very tough brown root thing.  I turned to google but that wasn't much help.  I contacted my doctor and he continues to assist me in this adventure.  I also contacted the company and asked a few other people familiar with Unani medicine.  I have been told I can crush it or seep it in tea to drink.  Easy, right? Except that the dose is so small my food grade scale won't weigh it.  I need milligrams!  I start my search with local facebook friends looking for a precision scale (like a jewelry or apothecary).  No luck, so I search and buy a reasonably priced one on amazon.  The delphinium sits in my home as I wait....and wait.  
The scale arrives but isn't as precise as I would have liked.  Do I have OCD you might ask?  No, I do not.  If you research the 
Delphinium Dendatum or jadwar, you learn about this scary deadly plant that grows alongside it and looks just like it.
My doctor told me how many milligrams to give my son and the internet research told me the signs of the deadly that is why I am measuring my doctor's dose and then giving my husband 1/2 of it.  What?...he is the only one with a life insurance policy :-)  
The root came from a large company in the U.K. so I am confident we got the right plant, the safe one that is going to make the headlines.

My son continues to do well with the other Unani medicine, occasional fits at night but wonderful during the day.  We started taking turmeric about a week ago before we go to bed.  I have read a lot about that and if you google turmeric and seizures there is some optimistic studies with brain health and even stopping some seizures.  I consulted my Unani doctor again and started this with his guidance.  

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