Sunday, November 2, 2014

little setback; might know why; difficulty getting jams

Ok, first we had a little setback last week and we had some daytime "fits" for a few days.  This has not been common for us since starting this journey, so a little disappointed but still very grateful that the intensity and duration are much less than in the past.  I contacted his doctor.  We have been on some new medicines and some of the old ones had been stopped.  My son was doing so well, he had stopped some and added some for overall health.  The doctor told me to restart the old one since he had a setback.  I looked up ingredients again and the one stopped was the one that had Delphinium Dendatum!  The problem is I ran out and it wasn't reordered!  

Ok, so I sent my doctor more money and he reordered it.  The story doesn't end there!  I have come to find out that the majority of what I have been paying has been for shipping costs.  There is only one provider that will ship jams to the United States for an obscene amount of money.  Now that company won't ship either.  WTF...this stuff isn't illegal!  I am still trying to get details but it appears India can't ship liquid or semi liquid things to the United States.  This sounds ridiculous so I am still researching.  I have one of my blog readers in India researching to see if she can have it delivered to her and if there is a way for her to mail it to me with UPS or Fed Ex or something.

In the meantime, I hit the wonderful internet searching for Delphinium Dendatum.  I found another provider that will ship me Delphinium Dendatum as a raw herb.  My doctor states that it is important but since it is not the combination of different herbs  it will not  show better results.  I have ordered the raw herb while I  continue my research; but it might be time for me to continue alone.

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