Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 months and huge impovement!

We just received our new shipment from India.  Last month, our Unani doctor and I were discussing his percentage of improvement.  Last month, I felt confident saying there was a 40% improvement but hesitated about saying 50%.  Well, that is no longer true!  I can easily and confidently say...absolutely!  My son still has occasional grand mal's overnight but he is never compromised during the day!  He is doing amazing at his studies and excelling in leaps and bounds in all the other areas of his life.  He will never be in a drug cloud again!  As our Unani doctor had hoped; he is going longer and longer without any electrical activity and they are less and less severe!

We continue on two of the four original Unani medicines and replaced one for increased overall immunity.  We continue to be pharmaceutical free!  If anyone has any questions, or wants to pursue this for themselves....PLEASE contact me.  Don't give up or think you have no other options!