Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 months in...

Okay, it is 3 months since we started the unani treatments and it is 3 weeks since my son has had a daytime "fit" as my unani doctor refers to it.  He has occasional ones while he sleeps but it has not affected his daytime activities.  He is excelling in his studies and enjoying and remembering EVERYTHING since he is no longer on any pharmaceuticals!  His doctor and I are discussing over the weekend his percentage of improvement so we can tweak his current treatments!  Life is good.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

next step

My doctor is back from vacation and we had a long chat.  My son did amazing while he was gone....100% 6 year old boy!!!!!

Two days ago, I started to notice small things and then he had a few tonic/clonic seizures overnight but definitely some abnormal brain activity during the day.  He has been restless and unable to focus.  I know no one would complain about that after watching your child have seizures; so I am not complaining....just observing and being cautious because this means he is due to have one at any time.
The past two weeks, he has been asking for food every awake moment so I am also excited he is going through a growth spurt!

When I told my doctor all of this; he prescribed for us to start the habbe jadwar tonight!  My very first blog posts links to the article that started all of this.  The plant that grows on the Himalayas— the Delphinium Denudatum — 

My doctor first wanted to treat his brain with a tonic for at least a month and now we got the go ahead to start the jadwar and report back in 10 days.  Wish us miracles!