Thursday, July 10, 2014

inventing a new doctor

I have been asking the Unani doctor if we should increase dosage and add habbe jadwar.  He is asking me to get an eeg so we can evaluate for improvement.  I told him here in the US, I just can't get and eeg this week.

Not to be defeated, I started my research.  We have seen a pediatric neurologist for the past year that is not supportive of alternative treatments.  We have seen improvement with the holy basil and as I said previously we have weaned off of daily medications.  We do still you Valium tablets for clusters as needed; which is much better in my opinion than daily medicines that don't work and fog my son't brain.  When he is not having seizures, he is clearer than he has ever been!

Therefore, I am kind of between neurologists until I find one that is aligned with our beliefs and open to alternative treatments.

I called around to facilities that perform eeg's and are not located in a hospital setting.  It would cost $400 for a one hour and $450.00 for a 24 hour if you don't have insurance.  I do; but I paid close to $800 out of pocket for the 24 hour eeg we had at the doctor's office with insurance.

You need a doctor's note/prescription to have one.  I asked how much it would cost without insurance to see their neurologists that sees children and was told $175 for the first appointment and $75 there after.  I paid out of pocket  $660.00 to see our neurologist with insurance.  Note...I had a high deductible to meet and that is why I had to pay all of this; it was slightly adjusted...the fees were higher but this was what was owed after the insurance discount!!!

So I am now on the hunt for a doctor (preferably neurologist) that is supportive of alternative treatments!

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