Friday, July 25, 2014

happily moving forward

My doctor has been on vacation for like 3 weeks...that is unheard of in the United States ;-)  However, he is still checking in on us.  As I mentioned in earlier post I have been searching far and wide for pediatric neurologist that will think outside of the box with me.  Suggestions have poured in from several sources and i have done my research.  I have two appointments in September with two different doctors; that I have researched and am optimistic to meet.

Now back to my son; he was not developmentally delayed in any way before this started.  As too many of you know, the drugs really have some nasty side effects.  While on the pharmaceuticals he had trouble doing some stuff that he was able to do fine before.  Now that we are off of daily pharmaceuticals he is advancing in leaps and bounds in so many areas.  I marvel at my beautiful little man and what he has overcome!  We have had two nights in the past two weeks, where he had a seizure when he slept.  But just one seizure; that is huge because his dis-ease was characterized by clusters...there was never just one!  Two individual events in two weeks...THAT IS HUGE!  His body really is healing from the inside out.  I have been told repeatedly by the doctor and those that are familiar with ayurvedic medicine that this is a lengthy progress because they are helping the body heal; not suppress or mask the symptoms.  I know two weeks is not a long time; but it is the start of something wonderful.

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