Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am having a little celebration!

A few exciting things.  First we haven't had a nighttime seizure in a few days!  Next, we continue the wean of the pharmaceuticals and my son is almost drug free...I see his personality coming out.  It has been muted for the past year, and I forget.

Last night my son asked me to sing him a lullaby before dozing off to sleep and this am he woke early before anyone else and wanted  to get up.  Now let me explain why this gives me chills...

Last year, before this all started happening this was life.  I sang a few verses of a lullaby before bed and he used to wake up early and I used to be so agitated because I wanted just a little more sleep.  We were living in two story home at the time and he was 5; if he wanted to get up I had to get up and go downstairs with him!  This morning he woke up like old times...too early and I was too tired but now he is 6 and we live in a rancher.  He was able to go in the room next to mine and play.  It is almost like some of his behaviors are picking up where they left off a year ago before the drugs.  I may be reading too much into this but I don't care...I am allowed to celebrate anything and everything I want!

Life is good!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

rabbit poop, gold bee-bee's, and taffy...oh my!

This is our third day using the unani medicine; as I said earlier there are 4 things to give him.  Between this and his regular stuff, I am constantly giving this kid "vitamins".  He must think he is really  I might start giving the rest of the family something that looks like it; so he doesn't feel like he is the only one being chased with a spoon!

The first thing he gets when he wakes up on an empty stomach is this jelly type stuff that is sticky and sweet...reminds me of melted soft water taffy followed by a glass of milk.  Then after breakfast he gets rabbit poop (I swear it could be); one pellet.  Throughout the day, his other stuff and then at 6pm he gets 1/2 a gold bee-bee (the kind rotten kids shot when I was growing up)  I have to cut it in half and it could be mud packed on the inside; I have no clue!  Last but not least, before he goes to bed he gets some more sticky jelly stuff that does not taste sweet, I add a little honey and I am told to mix it in warm water and get him to drink it.

All kidding aside; the doctor has been right by my side in emails and reassuring me that there are no side effects.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It arrived today!

Here is a picture of my shipment from India today; 6 months supply of things I can't pronounce!

Two of the items are in a jam form; one I give in the morning on an empty stomach and the other I give at bedtime with warm water.

This is what I received:

itrifal usthoqudus
Khameerae Gaozaban
Habb Azaraqi
Habb Jadwar

The other two items are in pill form and being checked on to see if they are pediatric dose or adult dose before I get more instructions.  

Dr Syed Asaduddin Ahmed has been wonderful. He was checking on my shipment and has answered every one of my questions. I highly recommend him as a provider. I am expecting wonderful things with his help!

This is what he replied when I told him about the results many people were having with Holy basil.."Holy basil is basically used as Blood purifier & immune modulator. by detox you might be finding some improvement in the children"