Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Once upon a time, two registered nurses met at the gym found love and created two beautiful babies...a girl and a boy!  The mom (that's me) got to stay home and start a new chapter in her 40's.  Travels, beach condo, health and money.  Then our son, out of the blue while trying to fall asleep had a seizure at the age of 4 1/2.  Unfortunately, being a nurse or working in any medical facility can not help you deal with this.  As the months went on;  the tests came back negative and the seizures continued and the drugs failed.  We wound up at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) for 9 days and left with a child that couldn't walk alone, barely spoke and had regressed to playing with baby toys.  As the days progressed we saw more and more of him return.  Over the months, with all the drugs on board we started to forget what he was like...before.

The drugs stopped working; so more were added!  He started a horrible diet that has helped many children.  It would have been worth it if it worked...but this is not the happy ending.  After not being able to have more than 10 carbs a day...10!  There is one carb in a strawberry! We finally stopped the diet, that I think was making him worse.

We stumbled upon a herb that you can get at whole foods or on amazon; that again was helping so many children.  Could this be it?!  Well, I do believe it has helped and we started to wean some of his nasty drugs that don't work.

We have tried the Frankencesne that a lot of people are talking about too effectively stop a seizure; but that didn't work for us either.  Don't rule it out for yourself; it may help.

Then I saw this article about a plant root on the other side of the world that treats seizures and so my quest begins...

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