Saturday, May 24, 2014

I have been in contact with my doctor in another world...Dubai to be exact.  I just learned that Friday and Saturday is there weekend.  He has been in constant contact with me while orchestrating the delivery of my package to the United States.  The package left India on Friday (May 23, 2014).  My son is doing wonderful right now so I am able to be at a place of pure gratitude for all the wonderful people that I have met along this crazy journey.  I have told the people at my son's school that I will be on CNN one day proclaiming this to the world!  I start off the conversation with...there is this plant that grows on the side of a Himalayan mountain and then pause for effect!  It really does sound like I am getting ready to tell a joke or made up story.

I will never give up hope and never stop being grateful.

Let the adventure continue...

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